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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Benefits of Using Parent Teacher Conference Sign-ups

Scheduling Parent Teacher Conferences, once costly, time consuming, and inefficient, is now significantly easier with TEESO's online Parent Teacher Conference sign-ups. With our easy to use service, you can:

  • Reduce administrative costs: scheduling, instead of taking 2-3 weeks, now takes less than an hour, saving the school both time and money
  • Effortlessly plan ahead: our system caters to each schools individual conferencing needs, allowing you to change schedules, and even increase the number of conferences from one to two or three during the school year
  • Increase parent involvement: with just a few clicks, parents can now pick schedule a conference at any time (even on their phones)
  • Make your teachers happy: teachers can simply print out and view their schedules, no effort on their part

TEESO Parent/Teacher Conference cost is $500 per school year.

Plus a one-time setup fee of $200.00 for all products used by the school district.

Sign-up for your free demo today to learn more about TEESO's online Parent Teacher Conference sign-ups. If you have any questions, please email info@teeso.com for more information.