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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I try one of TEESO's products?

A: The easiest way to try out a product is to sign-up for a demo on our demo sign-up page. You can choose between the recommended guided tour, or the self directed tour. All of our demos are free!

Q: How do I find out about the cost of TEESO's products?

A: Each product costs $200.00 per school per year, with a one time initial set up fee of $200.00. If you have questions about our pricing please email our Sales Department

Q: How difficult is it to install the product ?

A: All of TEESO's products are managed from our website, and do NOT require any installation or downloads.

Q: How long does it take for our school to start using a TEESO product?

A: Depending on how long it takes to upload the data, it could take only a few hours! However, it typically takes about one week for a school to be up and running.

Q: How much experience does an administrator need to use TEESO products?

A: Our products are designed with the typical computer user in mind. An administrator proficient in programs like Microsoft Office will find our products relatively easy to use.